Product No. : 1004-2"

2" Engraved Tip Metal Suspender Clips Without Plastic PVC Teeth: Nickel Color

Maker: Taiwan

Name of product: 2" Metal Suspender Clips

Outside diameter of eye: 5.5cm

Inside diameter of eye: 5cm

The length: 4.2cm                   

The Width: 2.3cm

Thickness(side view): 1.1cm

The gap between upper teeth and lower teeth: 0.8cm

Gross Weight:13.2 gram


Material: Steel Metal

Equipped with a leaf-like design, 1004-2" short profile clip features a 2" narrow strap opening for various types of materials. The engraved tip surface adds character to simple suspender clips.

This product does not come with a plastic insert, however, it has metal teeth to hold and grip items to reduce slippage.




1. Standard, In-Stock Color: Nickel Color

2. Standard pricing shown only applies to the Nickel Color

3. Optional colors: Gold, Nickel, Antique Brass and Black Nickel finishes available. Minimum order required - Call for pricing and delivery schedule