Product No. : 1044p-36mm

36mm Round Plastic Teeth Protected Metal Suspender Clips: Nickel Color

Maker: Taiwan

Name of product: 36mm Metal Suspender Clips

Outside diameter of eye: 3.76cm

Inside diameter of eye: 3.6cm

The length: 3.6cm

The Width: 1.2cm

Thickness(side view): 0.8cm

The gap between upper teeth and lower teeth: 0.8cm

Gross Weight: 6.5 gram


Material: Steel Metal

The 1029p-36mm suspender clip has a 36mm eye slot for straps and a circular-shaped, PVC plastic teeth insert set in place to protect fabrics from damage by the metal material. The plastic teeth holds the suspender clip in place to reduce slippage.




1. Standard, In-Stock Color: Nickel Finish

2. Standard pricing shown only applies to the Nickel Color

3. Optional colors: Gold, Nickel, Antique Brass and Black Nickel finishes available. Minimum order required - Call for pricing and delivery schedule.