AA003_1_ Drawing-In Wire

AA003_1  Special of Drawing-in Wire/Hook
Model: AA003_1
Maker: Taiwan
Specification:  1.7(w)*0.8(t)(mm), 8.5(a-length)* 3…(t-length)(inch)
                            Material- SPECIAL Stainless Steel , Olive Mold
C.a.f. cost and freight: $ USD
Lead time: 7 Days
A Way Of Air Transportation By DHL & EMS & FedEx & TNT & UPS & POST
Packaging: 50pcs /bag/0.5 Kgs
Outward Carton Packing- Dimension: 50cm(L)*25cm(W)*25cm(H)


Available in Automatic Loom, Calender Machines, Circular Knitting Machines,

Embossing Machines, Nonwoven Machines, Weaving Machines;

in the passing yarn process, the yarn will join again to produce by the situation of dropping.



* Give clear indication of Stainless Steel Wire,

* OEM Service,(according to customer size sample)

* Best SPECIAL Stainless Steel,

* Very Elastic,

* Adopt single piece body structure,

* Kind of shape hook,
* Our hook are built to work well and last long!