BS01-370 Vertical Fabric-Cutting Machine

BS01-370 Vertical Fabric-Cutting Machine

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This machine is used to cut a knitted fabric in roll open before it is dyed and trimmed. With remarkable performance and high speed, the machine has the advantages of easy operation and accurate cut while cutting straight-line rolls.

Specification following:

*Roller diameter: 72", 80", 90"..(other size)

*Motor: INVx5HPx4Px1set, 220V/380V

*Motor of blower: 2HPx4P

*Motor of cutter: 1/4HPx4Px1set

*Motor of operation: 1/8HPx4px5sets

*Fluorescent lamp: 40Wx1 piece 10Wx 1 piece

*The effective width of cutting fabric: 40" x 80"

*Speed of cutting fabric: 20~110 yards/min

*working space(LxWxH):5000mmx2500mmx4000mm

*size packing(LxWxH):3360mmx2500mmx2500mm