BS11-300 Auto Double-Breadth Cloth Folding Machine

BS11-300 Auto Double-Breadth Cloth Folding Machine


With high speed and high efficiency, this machine is fit for the cloth of western clothes or plain weave. It can roll and take after one folding up, and can automatically return cloth after rolling and taking with fast and convenient operation as well as saving time.

 Specification following:

*Power required:3HP motor with inverter for main drive,             

1HP motor for the Automatic Cloth Take-Up Device

1/2HP motor for the Edge Control Device 2 sets.

*Motor: INV 3HP x 4P 1set(brake attached)

*Type: Two types of shingle margin and double margins.

*Width of roller: 72", 80", 90" (and other special sizes).

*Speed for inspection: 30~120 yards/min.

*Operating area: 2350mm x 2250mm x 2600mm(72")

*Packaging size: 2250mm x 2250mm x 1700mm(72")

*With electronic counter, the number of yards can be recorded correctly.