BS29-150 Auto. Edge Control Winding Machine

BS29-150 Auto. Edge Control Winding Machine


This machine can apply to roll up various kind of fabrics before packing, and equipped with pneumatic sensing hydraulic actuating system edge control device to keep fabrics rolled up with evened edge. This machine is suitable for knitting plan, it is specially designed for tubular knitted fabric need to be open –width, inspection, wind up the fabrics. It is widely applied for Lycras blended fabrics which need open –width and wind up. This will marks in the of the fabrics, and fabric edges are neat, straight up.
 Specification following:

*Speed for winding: 0~85 yards/min. it is inverter controlled and the speed can be adjusted. And also forward or backward turning.

*Power source: 2HP motor with Inverter for the main drive and 1/2 HP motor for Edge Control Device.

*Roller width: 72", 80", 90" (and other special sizes)

*Working width: 1830mm (extra size subject to negotiation).

*Maximum roll-up diameter: 300mm.

*When winding the fabrics, the tension can be adjusted in strong or loose status. If winding the knitted fabric, use the loose adjustment, without tension. If winding the woven or nylon fabric, use the strong winding, the winding rolls will be no folding marks on each sides.

*The machine is equipped with yard guage, can record the length of the fabrics.

*when inspect the fabric, the machine top have the flourcent lamp, the inspect board back have equipped with flourcent lamp under the acrylic board, easy to check out the faults.

*Operating area: 2550mm x 1600mm x 2000mm(72")

*Packaging size: 2650mm x 1500mm x 2250mm(72")