Carpet Clips

Item Number as following:
SF001                  Carpet Clips
SF002_15mm    Carpet Clips
SF002_28mm    Carpet Clips
SF003_MX-100 Carpet Clips
SF003_MX-200 Carpet Clips
SF005_MX-150 Carpet Clips

Product Name : Rug Display Clips, Car clips, Carpet Clips,
PURPOSE: The safety carpet clips/ rug clips design for clipping.
Our innovative clip design is based on extensive input from rug display showrooms and carpet warehouse. We studied clips, the racks they are used on, and the steel they are made from to develop and produce a clip of superior quality and durability. Our design produces a clip that will provide the sturdiest support while minimizing potential damage to the rug. Our clips are built to work well and last long!
1.Rug clips are designed to hold rugs using the spring like tension of the steel. Constant use eventually "tires" the steel and it gradually loses its tension. Our rug clips are designed with a special steel so they will remain in service longer than other clips.
2,Rug clips are wider and have more teeth than other rug clips. This gives them more "gripping power" to hold rugs of any size and to minimize the possibilty of damage.
3.More teeth distribute the gripping power of the clip over more area - therefore the clip is less likely to damage a rug.
4.The highest quality chrome plating can last for years on your car bumper, but it is easy to do a bad job of applying chrome - if there is a pinhole, nickel-chrome plating will cause the steel to rust. Zinc on the other hand, has a cathode-like effect which protects the steel and is more forgiving to apply. We think our zinc-chromate plating is the most efficient and cost effective method currently available.

The safety carpet clips design for clipping. Our clips are built to work well and last long!