F002_1 Double-Headed Knife
Model- F002_1
Maker: Taiwan
TS(Type Specification-Double Knife
Packaging-1000pcs/Box, 6Box/CTN
Gross Weight-24KG/6000pcs
Net weight-23KG/6000pcs
Carton Dimension-31.3cm*18.8cm*15.2cm
Supply Capacity- unlimited
Purpose:Cut the yarn/ Hard board/ line/ paper/ carton  other..etc.
Our knife are built to work well and last long!
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PURPOSE- The safety knife design for cutting.
Our innovative knife design is based on extensive input from cutter yarn and other using. 
We studied knife, the yarn they are used on, and the steel they are made from to develop 
and produce the knife of superior quality and durability. Our design produces the knife that 
will provide the sturdiest support while maximizing potential sharp to the knife. 
Our knife are built to work well and last long!
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Provide OEM( Original Equipment Manufactures )
Provide ODM( Original Design Manufacture )

A way of transportation- Sea/ AIR
Lead time- 4~20 Days
Payment- T/T, L/C
Min order-Negotiation