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Product Name : Denting Hook ,Auto Reed Hook, Reed Hook,Denter, Reeding Hook,
The Auto Reed Hook will advance across the reed automatically from one dent to the next.
The hook works most easily from right to left, across the reed, 
although it can be worked from left to right, if necessary. 
To become completely familiar with the hook, we suggest that you practice first with just the hook 
and an empty reed until are sure you are advancing the hook each time. 
Then practice with a dummy warp, until you become used to using the hook on your warp yarn.
Using the Auto Reed Hook
1.  Place the reed in your usual threading position. 
The Auto Reed Hook works with the reed in either a horizontal or a vertical position.
2. The threading hook is in the center of the metal blade (see illustration). 
The bent tip of the hook, keeps the hook from falling out of the reed.
3. To insert the Auto Reed Hook in the reed, 
place the hook parallel to the reed with its threading hook on the underside of the blade, 
and the bent tip facing the reed. Insert the bent tip through the reed, 
one dent to the right of the dent where you plan to begin threading the reed. 
The bent tip should point to the left (in the direction that the hook will be moving).
4. To advance the hook from right to left: Lean the blade toward the left side of the dent 
and push the auto hook through the reed until the handle reaches the reed. 
As you do this, watch to see that the metal clip, on the left side of the hook, 
is forced into the next dent to the left.
Note: If you need to thread from left to right: 
This method requires that the threading hook be on the top of the auto hook. 
In our opinion this method is not as easy or efficient as the right to left? 
method, but if you want to thread your reed this way,proceed as follows: 
Insert the auto reed hook into the dent one dent to the left of the first dent you want to use, 
with it hook facing up, and the bent tip pointing to the right. 
Lean the blade toward the right side of the dent and 
operate the hook as described above for the right -to-left? method.
5. Continue to push the hook until you feel the widest part of the hook pass through the dent. 
You will hear a clicking noise. To advance the auto hook properly, 
push the hook all the way to the handle.
6. Slip the yarn into the threading hook and pull the hook back through the reed. 
As you pull the hook toward you, the hook will automatically advance into the next dent. 
Do not pull the hook out of the reed.
Repeat steps 3-6 to thread your reed.