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CT99 High-Speed Relling Machine


                       HIGH- SPEED RELLING MACHINE

Yarn via CT99 Reeling Machine take up Elastic Nylon yarn & not textursed yarn to a hank of yarn and put the hank yarn to dyeing, Then adopt Hank To Cone Winder rewinding it to be a hard cone yarn. the finished yarn could be a sewing thread or weave to cloth.



1.    Yarn-break detection by automation

2.    Full winding electronic meter control by automation

3.    Winding device, furnished with U-shape iron, maintains superb functioning even winding the high-tension yarns, such as nylon.

4.    Special instant autostop device that stops the machine accurately that the rotating motion is stopped within 10 round

5.    High quality-controlled builder mechanism, the machine is easy and fine to operate.

6.    Main body design may be ordered to suit the yarn particulars.